carpenter installing tiny home floor

Tiny Footprint Homes – Manufacturer Spotlight

Josh Batkin and Paul Arts teamed together to find a solution to a problem in the county, lack of affordable housing and homelessness. Their solution? They started building tiny homes.

Tiny homes have gained popularity in the last decade for people who want to downsize or have a more affordable option. There is no official definition of a tiny home; however, it is typically considered a small house under 600 square feet, sometimes built on a foundation but usually built on a trailer.

“We knew a few people personally that were evicted and had no place to go,” says co-found of Tinyfootprint Homes Josh Batkin, “we had the ability, the knowledge, capability and know-how to make (tiny homes) happen.”

Tiny homes can be affordable, with a bachelor costing under $90,000. They are built in ranch and loft styles to accommodate one person, small families, and seniors. Each home has its own fully operational kitchen, washroom and living area. What makes this enticing is that TinyFootprint Homes can customize your home tailored to your wants and needs.

TinyFootprint Homes contributes to the community by supplying trailers from a Huron County trailer company, and any additional contractors needed.

For any additional information, visit the Tinyfootprint Homes website at or email

Author: HMA