HMA GEARS Recognition Program

Nominate employees who deserve to be recognized!

This program has been designed to retain your current employees and to help attract new ones. Employees work hard for you and studies have shown that recognition for a “job well done” can do wonders for morale and increase productivity; this program may assist with that. There are four different tiers for the program, starting with HMA GEARS Bronze and working towards HMA GEARS Platinum.

All new registrants must start at the Bronze Tier, but it will be easy enough for them to move forward from there. For example, Silver Tier registration is available only to those who completed the Bronze Tier first. Anyone wishing to register will start at the Bronze Tier then move on to each successive tier after that: Silver, Gold & Platinum Tiers. All tiers will always be open and each person will be able to move up.

Awards include a Certificate of Recognition, HMA Gifts & Gear

Nominate your top 3 candidates along with all relevant information pertaining to their hours for any qualifying level at anytime.

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We are also looking for companies to contribute to the award by way of gifts/gift certificates that can be awarded to the candidates upon successful completion.  Company clothing, discount cards, coupons, anything that shows your support while advertising at the same time would be greatly appreciated. 

 If you have any questions please contact: hmagears.recognition@huronmanufacturing.ca

Congratulations to our newest HMA GEARS Recognition Award Recipients at Britespan Building Systems!

Congratulations to our newest HMA GEARS Platinum Recognition Award Recipients at Design Concrete!

What others are saying...

“Design Concrete is grateful to HMA GEARS for supporting us to recognize and reward essential members of our team.”

Kenn Hines

Design Concrete

“The HMA GEARS Team provided the best experience possible when presenting our employees with their Recognition Awards. Tiny Footprint Homes is very appreciative of the support of the HMA in assisting us in showing gratitude to our employees.”

Josh Batkin

Tiny Footprint Homes Ltd

New United Goderich is excited to reward their employees in the next round of HMA GEARS Recognition Awards.”

Julie Bensler

New United Goderich Inc

Recognition Program Registration:

Please fill out & submit form below for 1 or more nominated employee(s).

Nominate up to 3 Candidates

See OVERVIEW OF TIERS above this form for more information.

 *Enrichment hours are courses that the HMA has sanctioned. They can also be other courses that the GEARS team has reviewed to supplement specific training, i.e. health and safety training. Please submit course ideas to the above email address for approval as soon as possible

 **Employer specific goals are tasks that the employee has completed specific to their employment, such as: 

  • hours spent on specific machinery 
  • hours spent training other employees 
  • engaging in site-specific training, overtime worked, etc.   

This category aims for employers to challenge employees to go past what is typically expected of them and excel at furthering the company.  

We ask that employers devise attainable goals that enable employees to accomplish something beneficial for themselves and the company.

HMA GEARS Recognition Program and Awards are sponsored by Huron County SLED and OJCP

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