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Design Concrete Inc. – Manufacturer Spotlight

What makes Design Concrete different from its competitors? It’s simple, family.

Established in 1979 by Alan Hines, Kenn’s great-grandfather, Design Concrete is one of many manufacturers in Huron County. Leading the industry in many ways, the family-owned company has a very innovative past.

“Design Concrete has always been a family business that promotes family values,” said Kenn Hines, general manager of Design Concrete. “Having dedicated employees that care about the company and its success has allowed us to weather disastrous downturns in our markets. It has given us the ability to adapt and alter our business models to move into new markets and product niches.”

In the company’s early days, Alan Hines invented the “Red Line Fast Track Baffle” that revolutionized the septic tank industry. Some years later, a market shift happened, and septic was out of the picture. This shift opened up an opportunity for mass-producing slats using a dry cast technique.

During this time, Alan focused on designing and building his machinery. The pasture mat was eventually created, along with the machinery to manufacture it. Promat Ltd. was established through this venture, but the company was ultimately sold in 2005.

Nowadays, they specialize in agriculture and wet & dry cast concrete products and serve a large part of North America.

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Author: HMA