Brian Landsborough – HMA Director

May 2017 to present

The Landsborough family roots are well established in Huron County, tracing back to the Scottish delegation which originally settled in the Eastern part of the County back in 1834. Drawn by the agricultural richness of the region it became the family farm and home to Maelstrom Winery where Brian has taken on the role of Public Relations Representative and Winemaker.

The Landsborough clan lead the way in developing the first winery in Huron County. Their vision of viticulture in Huron County may have been sparked by a passion for wine, but it was a desire to farm a particularly difficult piece of land that started their journey.

In 2016 Maelstrom winery was nominated for the 2016 HMA Youth Integration / Junior Manufacturer Award and tied to win with fellow manufacturer Seaforth Elevators / Vanastra Packaging 

Maelstrom Winery has been host to HMA meetings and events since 2016.

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