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General Employee Attraction & Retention Strategy

The Huron Manufacturing Association understands the difficulties manufacturers are facing with attracting and retaining employees. Through funding from Huron County SLED – Supporting Local Economic Development, and the Ontario Job Creation Partnership the HMA launched HMA GEARS – General Employee Attraction & Retention Strategy to support manufacturers in Huron County.

Phase one of HMA GEARS is the ToolBOX – a members only login feature.

Members will find resources for all things GEARS through support in the following areas:

6 categories of hma toolbox resources

Click the screenshot above to access to the HMA GEARS ToolBOX.

These resources will be updated regularly.

The HMA GEARS ToolBOX came from the HMA’s desire to support our members.  We have made use of the recommendations from the HMA EAR Program Summary Report from Program Consultants  HRP4B Inc and Ward & Uptigrove. The HMA EAR Program was funded by the Regional Relief Recovery Fund with Community Futures Huron.

If you require assistance or would like a virtual introduction to the ToolBOX contact us at:

Past HMA GEARS Team Members

Recognition Project Assistant

Carlie Clendenning

Recognition Project Assistant

Media & Marketing Project Assistant

Mat Gagnon

Marketing & Media Project Assistant

Toolbox Project Assistant

Negin M. Khorasani

ToolBOX Project Assistant

Website Project Assistant

Kevin Wilson

Website Project Assistant

Event Project Assistant

Michelle Field

Event Project Assistant

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